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Science Workshop Christchurch June 08
Inspirational – Thank you. Whole concept a great resource and tool….. hands on challenging thinking for children
Having more ideas to help get more science happening in the classroom
Wow! What an amazing resource! Great to hear others ideas and share. Can’t wait to get started on the postcards in my class
Fantastic resource – teacher and child notes well set out and easy to use. Links well with ‘Nature of Science’
Using known books for a science purpose…postcards – a simple idea – but effective
Hands-on activities were brilliant.. Tie in with the curriculum was good.
Came away feeling more enthused about teaching science using simple concepts that are practical and will get children involved.
What a fantastic resource – I like using picture books as starters for different activities (not just science) so this was right up my alley – but inspiring as well.
A reminder of great things to do with science and books.
Very enjoyable and informative. Great concept of relating the science to reading!!
The cards are fantastic and make life so much easier for teachers and especially people without much science teaching experience!
Very exciting. Great to combine literacy as a springboard to science. Loved it all.
It was great to get practical ideas about how to link literacy with science. The notes were really helpful, Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Big Ideas were well constructed.
As an introduction to the Science Postcards I found it really interesting and the possibilities unlimited.

June 2008: Review from Home School Buyers Co-op
Today's website from New Zealand encourages development of scientific exploration through children's literature......

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May 2008: Achieved an A+ award from a premier education site called, "Education World".

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17th November 2007: Site of the week in their weekly newsletter - and we hadn't even officially launched the site yet!

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