Teachers and educators can use Science Postcards in a number of ways:
  • provide a stimulus for discussion e.g ‘Hey, look at this postcard we have just received..’
  • send the postcard to your class
  • to challenge scientific ideas and beliefs of the children.
    Science Activities and Experiments
  • help to support a particular science skill e.g. creating and using data tables,
  • measuring etc
  • use the book as a literature study and developing science ideas within it
  • postcards can be copied and posted home to develop the activity
  • create your own resources / science activities using the postcard idea
  • use the card to support or develop an idea within a current Science unit of work
  • as an extension activity
  • to explore scientific ideas in everyday situations – a ‘Science in the Real World’ approach
  • encourage the use of literature, both at home and school, as a means to develop science ideas
  • See also: Visual Map of the Resources Overview

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Huge thanks go to the New Zealand Association of Science Educators for sponsoring the development of the Science Postcards.

Full information on the development of the Science Postcards Project resources can be found here. (64KB PDF).

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