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Free exciting activities covering:

Set 1:

Sound, Density, Forces (friction), Light and Shadows, Seeds, Volcanoes, Space.

Set 2:

Classification, Earthquakes, Chemical Properties and Reactions, Fabrics and Materials, Living Things, Kitchen Chemistry, Heat Energy, Forces (push-pull)

Science Postcards also gives you other free science resources and links science to the "Real World".
Easy as Science
  • Download, print and send the free Science Postcards to your class
  • Share the book with your class
  • Try the experiment - have fun!
Using childrens' fiction texts provides a framework and context for the science activity, allowing the teacher to engage the children.

Science Postcards provide the motivating link between the book and the science activities. The activities chosen offer both the 'wow' and 'awe' factor of science.

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