What is Science Literacy?

What is meant by the term scientific literacy?
Ian Milne from the University of Auckland has
written this article specifically for Science Postcards. He explores this question in relation to the aims and goals of science education.
Download here PDF 228 KB)

Science Literacy (Skills and Knowledge)

1. Action Bioscience - discusses concepts of Literacy in science. Article for teachers.
2. Foundations for Scientific Literacy - Concepts of literacy in science are explored in detail for teachers.
3. More links from in2edu.com focusing on a general overview of literacy in science, or that will help in general.

Putting the Literacy in Science - Stories and News Top 10 Links

See our RealWorld Science Links on this page for an extensive collection
Also: NZ Literacy Learning Progression The new draft for literacy progressions throughout year levels.

Science Information Literacy Top 10 Links

Science Information Literacy Links Offsite
1. STEPS information literacy programme (Has specific Science rubric, posters etc.). This will help you improve the general information literacy skills your pupils have
2. Thinking and Learning Resources
3. General Information Literacy Resources
4. Online activities to support notetaking (reading for main ideas, skimming and scanning etc)
5. Improving Reading Skills in the Science Classroom

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